I am certified by Sottopelle after training with Dr. James Mirabile on October 27th, 2017 in Kansas City, Kansas. I am not on the website as the $500 a month cost was necessarily passed on to the patient with little benefit but I still get my pellets from Qualgen, the manufacturer for Sottopelle.

There are many ‘counterfeit’ products available in the U.S. but they differ in manufacturing technique.These pellets are compressed to rock hardness in a machine similar to making diamonds. Hence they last six months.

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Starting Sottopelle depends on current level of repair of testosterone. If you are already on Gels, Cremes, Troches or Intra-muscular injections with good levels, the pellets may be inserted and the past therapy discontinued. However if you are currently low in testosterone (untreated or undertreated), then you need to be ‘loaded’ with Intramuscular testosterone for two shots, once a week before the procedure and once the day of procedure to get tissue saturated.

That status is determined by doing labwork both correctly timed and inclusive of the issues relevant to hormone repair.

Prior to starting hormone replacement, you should know the following tests results: Total and free testosterone, Estradiol, LH (Luteinizing Hormone), PSA total, SHBG, and a CBC.

If you are on Testosterone shots, this testing should be done one half way through your shot cycle (eg. If your shots are ten days apart, do five days after injection) and if you are on gels, cremes, or troche, you should check your level six hours after the twice daily application (eg. 7AM dosing and 1PM testing).

See our Homepage- Cash lab for the explanation of deep discount labwork.

This entire lab profile at Mercy Labs or Pathlabs using our Vouchure system would be $155.00. The PSA alone would be $254 at the hospital and the total nearly $1700!.  If you have a 10% copay, it’s still cheaper to do cash labs!

After pellet insertion, you do lab at six weeks the first time to determine total and free testosterone to adjust the milligrams of pellets one time  and Estradiol to confirm the conversion of testosterone to estrogen is resolved. If both are adequate, this step never needs done again except to monitor PSA every two years

The first time after pellet insertion. We do a Total and free Testosterone ($67.50) at 5 months  to confirm that the pellets indeed last six months. Again, this never needs repeated because you then replace pellets when you feel they are starting to drop below desirable levels. There may be no labs at the second insertion.

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