Setup An Appointment

Telemedicine has been successful in my new practice but unfortunately, most of the visits are rather urgent.
I am going to stop keeping a block of time and do visits at the earliest possible moment each day.

IF you want a Telemedicine consult, email me at and answer all the following:

  1. Phone number and Phone type (Android vs. Iphone).
  2. The two hour block of time you are available and the day you want the visit (not Thursdays).
  3. A short description of the purpose for the visit.

I will then email you back a time in your block or propose an alternative and I will call you or Zoom you.

In general, Zoom, Google Meet etc. are not working well. Most of my visits have been Facetime.

All THURSDAY visits are face to face at the office on McCord, No teleconference, and I am trying to reserve these for New Patients, Visits that require any kind of therapy, PRP and Testosterone Pellets.