Setup An Appointment

Telemedicine has been successful in my new practice but unfortunately, most of the visits are rather urgent.
I am going to stop keeping a block of time and do visits at the earliest possible moment each day.

IF you want a Telemedicine consult, email me at and answer all the following:

  1. Phone number and Phone type (Android vs. Iphone).
  2. The two hour block of time you are available and the day you want the visit (not Thursdays).
  3. A short description of the purpose for the visit.

I will then email you back a time in your block or propose an alternative and I will call you or Zoom you.

In general, Zoom, Google Meet etc. are not working well. Most of my visits have been Facetime.

UPDATE: All THURSDAYS are Telemedicine. I will not be conducting in-person visits for the time being.