Email Consultation

The largest single reason for my turning off the phones and going to a website is this. 90% of all emails and phone calls come from 10% of my patients. Charging small amounts for emails and nothing at all for letters, FMLA, Prior authorizations has caused a huge rise in staff costs.

From here forward, EVERY EMAIL will be charged and charged more than in the past. THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK! Plan ahead. I have patients who type a line, hit send, then write a line and hit send from their phone and I get 5 emails in two minutes. This charge is now automatic. Plan ahead.

I expect that this will reduce email load for me from 3 hours a day to one hour, and make 90% of you get faster responses and 10% of the people disappointed.

To assist you in making good decisions, use the following guidelines:

  • Who are you? Put your name as it is in my chart! I can’t pull a chart on
  • Name medications, list symptoms, use times and dates, include documents at the time of the email.
  • State clearly ONE AT A TIME, what you want. Renewal, lab slip, treatment, information, etc.
  • If you’re pharmacist is sending a refill request and you email a request, you will get it twice and be billed twice.
  • Include the fax number for your pharmacy, lab or other facility that you want us to communicate with. If you don’t, it goes in the snail mail.
  • Don’t send an email in two hours asking if the first email arrived. They ALL arrive.

New Patients

Please navigate to Contact Us and provide your email, name and in the text box, your concerns, any proven diagnosis, current medications, and significant prior lab testing. Collect and include all x-ray discs and reports (both) and any consultations and I will do all I can to help you arrive at your first visit completely prepared so as to avoid unnecessary visits.

Here is a link for a HIPAA compliant Medical Record Request but do realize requesting records in this day and age frequently is ignored. Calling the Medical Records department increases success.

–> Download HIPAA Form (PDF)
–> Download New Patient Form (DOCX) is for New patients, existing patient medical questions, lab slip requests, requests for records by mail. is for record requests from other facilities (attach the signed HIPPA form on Home page), Prior authorizations, questions about pending labs, and pending scripts, and billing issues. is for appointment cancellations, issues with desk sale of supplements, website issues, BWC appointments (they are not made on the website), and miscellaneous items. should be used for Jan Meier and Associates questions.

If you don’t email, life will be slow. Mail us via letter, or Fax us at 419.874.3512