Dr. Nielsen’s Resume – Curriculum Vitae

Jay W. Nielsen M.D.

College: Ohio University, Athens, Ohio 1968-72, B.S. Zoology-Chemistry.

Medical School: Medical College of Ohio at Toledo, Toledo, Ohio 1972-75. Degree M.D.

Residency: W. W. Knight Family Practice Center, Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Ohio 1975-78.


Residency Inpatient Rotations:

Pediatrics (including Neonatology), 5 months; Obstetrics, 4 months; Surgery, 2 months; Emergency Medicine, 3 months; Family Medicine Service, 6 months; Internal Medicine, 2 months; Pulmonology,  one month; Neurology, one month; Rheumatology, one month and Gastroenterology, one month.


Residency Outpatient Rotations:

36 months of Office Medicine (one half-day PG-1, three half-days PG-2 and five half-days PG-3); Two years of weekly Clinical Family Psychiatry; Obstetrical clinic (routine and Hi-risk), 6 months; and one month rotations in Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Dermatology,  Plastic Surgery, Allergy, Proctology, Gynecology, Well Baby Clinic, and Orthopedics.


Work Experience:

Broad base of Emergency Medical experience in Emergency Department’s with 8,000 -30,000 visits per year. Served as the acute care physician in high volume, high acuity departments. Also experienced at fast track  ED services.

Experienced as Emergency Department Director and QA coordinator.

Eleven years experience as a Family Physician and Urgent Care Physician at my own medical center.

Complementary Physician specializing in Prolotherapy for ligament reconstruction for pain management, Chelation therapy, nutritional therapy and herbal therapy since 1994.


Managerial Experience:

Extensive experience in interviewing, hiring, firing, evaluation, training, policy, procedures, employee law, financial planning, quality assurance, purchasing and maintenance in various businesses and Emergency Departments.

Created unique outpatient care staffing system using Boarded Family Physicians to cover ED, PrimeCare clinic, inpatient service for unattached patients that is now serving as a pilot for a peer review publication

Medical Director of Multispecialty Wellness Center since 1998.

President and Medical Director of Missions International of America, a 501c3 charitable foundation serving Haiti.


Business Innovation:

Wellness Rx, Inc., a complementary medicine practice

Nielsen Family Practice, a small group practice

After Hours Medical Center, full service Urgent Care

Argus Diagnostics, radiological services and interpretation

North Coast Clinical Research, phase II-IV clinical trials

North Coast Clinical Laboratories, the first full service reference laboratory in the U.S., specializing in Microbiology for clinical trials

Innovated, developed, marketed and financed the pilot program of the first Contract Research Organization for Complementary Medicine including recruitment of 53 investigators, development and design customization of an Electronic Medical Record system, intranet and web site firewall systems for data transfer. Business failed for lack of adequate venture capital

Financed and developed a business that locates, negotiates and closes municipal contracts for housing under the ‘Affordable Housing Act” for purposes of placing tax credit allocations

Financed and helped develop a mortgage equity bank for collecting, processing and reselling federal tax credits

Designed, negotiated, constructed and sold a nine lot river front housing subdivision

Negotiated and financed startup for two large multi-family  apartments through planning and resale. 475 and 380 apartments each.

Director and innovator of Wellness Rx., Inc. an integrative medicine center in Maumee, Ohio.


Industrial Medicine:

Developed, marketed and acquired small to moderate size industry contracts including site surveys, ergonomic consulting, safety programs, pre-employment screening, drug screening, on the job injury, return to work evaluations and permanent disability evaluations

Innovated, developed, lectured and marketed an industrial medicine education program for local industry CEO’s and safety officers



Member of the editorial board for the Journal for the Advancement of Medicine

Member of  Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine Institutional Review Board

Member of the Great Lakes College of Clinical Medicine Scientific Advisory Board

Assisted in the development of the Science Writers Guild for Complementary Medicine

President of Missions International of America


Medical Education

Hospital coordinator for Family Practice residents, medical students and Physician’s Assistants rotating through Emergency Medicine rotations

Preceptor for Family Practice residents for pain management and Prolotherapy



American Red Cross Annual Recognition Award


Emergency Medical Services:

Assisted in the development and staffed the first agricultural extrication course in Ohio for EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement

EMS Coordinator of Paulding County EMS



Chest: The American College of Chest Physicians, 1991, 100: 1497-1502, Temafloxin compared to ciprofloxacin in mild to moderate lower respiratory tract infections in ambulatory patients. A multicenter, double blind, randomized study. S. Chodosh et al.

American Heart Association scientific sessions: 2013, Dr. Gervasio A Lamas, TACT trial on IV EDTA chelation and High dose multivitaimins in Coronary Artery Disease. I did original study design for the American College for Advancement of Medicine and all I.R.B. work through GLACM IRB for which I was Secretary.



Principal investigator for twenty three phase II-IV clinical trials (attached)

Owner, study physician, recruiter and marketer for my research center

Owner and marketer for reference lab specializing in Microbiology for clinical trials

Contract epidemiology trials in microbiology for regional microbiology sensitivities

Trade show sales and marketing for all businesses

Managed and coordinated from startup, the licensing and successful audit of the first IRB for Complementary Medicine (GLCCM)

Consultant for phase II FDA trial, “DMPS in the treatment of Mercury Toxicity”

Lecture to the American College for the Advancement of Medicine “Developing multi-center clinical trials for Complementary Medicine”



Designed booth, software and graphics and staffed dozens of trade show booths for research at Drug Information Association, Associates of Clinical Pharmacology, American Association of Environmental Medicine, American College for Advancement of Medicine and the Great Lakes College for Clinical Medicine

Designed and created print, radio and TV ads for businesses

Experienced with hardware and software for Powerpoint presentations in booths and lectures

Talk show host for monthly two hour radio program on medical issues and the public for ten years



Media Skills:

Ten years of monthly two hour radio shows promoting the American Red Cross Bloodmobile program

Monthly medical column, local papers

Patient education newsletter production for most common disorders

Presented two PBS 30 minute lectures on Natural Hormones and Low Back Pain. WGTE


Public Education:

Initiated and promoted annual health fair for consumer education and recognition of local medical services

Organized and presented “Save a Child” parent education program on home safety and first aid

Organized and presented “First on the Scene” farm safety lecture for farm families

Coordinated Intensive Medicine course for physicians and nurses

Presented monthly lecture series on Complementary Medicine with Jack Grogan.

Now does monthly Youtubes on various medical topics. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLank8aMTYJBY3AsZNQio_0hyXmss7M8nG



Funded and promoted program for the recognition of role of Mycoplasma incognita in Gulf War Illness at the annual meeting of the American Association of Environmental Allergy

Team leader for multiple Men’s renewal weekends for Christ Renews His Parish

Habitat for Humanity Housing project

Medical Director for startup Christian Medical Mission to Trinidad, 2001

President of Missions Intl. of America, a 501c3 dedicated to building a school for 310 children in 9 grades, Adult education, and a Farm Resource Center.



Board Certified by the American Board of Family Practice in 1978. Recertification every seven years.


ACLS/BCLS/ATLS Certification:

Advanced Trauma Life Support, Cincinnati, Ohio, 10/27/02

Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Napoleon, Ohio, 12/10/02.

Basic Cardiac Life Support, Napoleon Ohio

Pediatric Advanced Life Support, 2/23/96