From I-75 to  I-475 North, at Route 23/475 Take the left branch but stay in right lane, Immediately, you want to be in the far right lane, this happens fast, and follow signs to Central Ave. It’s a long offramp. Stay right and go west two blocks to Central and McCord at the Waffle House.

From I-75 from the South, take 475 West Past Airport Hwy and Exit right at Central Ave. This is a Divergent Diamond, You go left at the top of the ramp and green light crosses you to the North lane, and go west two blocks to Central and McCord at the Waffle House.

On McCord on your right is a large plaza, Waffle House in the parking lot, Arings Compound Corners in the corner. Do NOT pull into the entrance to the parking lot but go one more driveway opposite the South end of the complex and pull behind the buildings. Do NOT go into Aring’s, they are locked AND I am not in their location.

Drive all the way back and park. Look for Mailboxes outside the only glass door. Walk in, I am the first door on the right, well labeled.  Remember I have no waiting room so you can sit in the hall in the chairs. Don’t knock, I am on schedule and will let you in when the next person leaves. COVID issues: If you are having any kind of procedure or expect and exam, bring a clean sheet and ALWAYS wear a mask, I have a Plexiglass shield as well.