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Welcome to WellnessRx, Inc.

Private solo practice is under assault. The insurer, Corporate medicine and the government demand fees and paperwork that has little to do with healthcare.

This website is my last refuge. I love the personal nature of our practice but we must automate scheduling, billing, email, supplements, labs and questions.  This website will create a patient account that allows you, the patient to schedule yourself, and communicate more efficiently. I also expect you to find the education in our Youtube videos and articles like nothing we’ve ever had before.

I am currently very involved in our mission in Haiti and am gone more than you wish. As a result, I’m training Nurse Practitioners to pick up the burden of the menopause, hypothyroid and other med refills so I can concentrate on new patients and complex care. – Dr. Jay Nielsen

Mission and Philosophy

Today’s physician strives to satisfy insurers first, corporate bosses second, and the patient last. WellnessRx recognizes that only private solo practice can provide true patient-centered care. Corporate practice abhors prevention, finding the cause, or simple solutions. My love of orthopedics is a wonderful example. Platelet Rich Plasma cures arthritis in the knee, hip, shoulder or spine for $600 when joint replacement is both risky and $80,000. Another example, infection is not an antibiotic deficiency, it’s a failure of drainage. Address the cause.

New Patients

Please navigate to Contact Us and provide your email, name and in the text box, your concerns, any proven diagnosis, current medications, and significant prior lab testing. Collect and include all x-ray discs and reports (both) and any consultations and I will do all I can to help you arrive at your first visit completely prepared so as to avoid unnecessary visits.

Here is a link for a HIPAA compliant Medical Record Request but do realize requesting records in this day and age frequently is ignored. Calling the Medical Records department increases success.

–> Download HIPAA Form (PDF)

Established Patients

I will be maintaining four hours two days a week in the office that can be scheduled in advance on the website. I require some additional paper work due to internet rules and regulations.

Please sign and bring a HIPAA release to communicate by Email. By signing this document, HIPAA cannot find me non-compliant (five years in prison and $100,000 for each error).

–> Download HIPAA Form (PDF)

Our Services

Unsolved Medical Illness

Allopathic (Traditional) thinking completely misses solutions they find unacceptable.
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Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

A simple solution to avoid orthopedic surgery and cortisone.
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Urgent Care

Dr. Nielsen will meet you after hours, he is 2 minutes away.
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Fixing Fatigue, Hormones & Thyroid

Fatigue is a complex problem that only progresses without diagnosis.
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Lyme Disease, Brain Fog, Fatigue, Joint Pain

Easy to treat in the 80’s, it has now changed its nature & is difficult to diagnose & treat.
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Testosterone Repair

Twice annual testosterone pellets under the skin is the best care.
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Note: I also will be accepting some individual exceptions to the above on a case by case basis.

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