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Welcome to WellnessRx, Inc.

Private solo practice is under assault. The insurer, Corporate medicine and the Government, charge the same fee for my license for whatever, as they do the 1100 doctors total at the Deathstar. Overhead is out of control.

This website is my last refuge. I love the personal nature of our practice but we must automate scheduling, billing, email, supplements, labs and questions. This website will create a patient account that allows you, the patient, to schedule and communicate more efficiently. I also expect you to find the education in our YouTube videos and articles like nothing we’ve ever had before.

I am currently very involved in our mission in Haiti and am gone more than you wish. As a result, I’m training two Nurse Practitioners to pick up the burden for the menopause, hypothyroid and med refills so I can concentrate on new patients and complex care. – Dr. Jay Nielsen

Our Services

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

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Peptide Patients

A new technique Jack Grogan and I have been researching.

Complex Consultations

I will work on a patient until I’ve identified the issues, but will then turn the patient over to the Family Physician.

Urgent Care

I live 2 minutes from the office and will set up a system on my new website to have text to my cell for emergencies.

Hormone & Thyroid Patients

Patients who try to find new care and are dissatisfied or fail totally in getting their meds.

Note: I also will be accepting some individual exceptions to the above on a case by case basis.

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